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Genga (原画)

The genga (原画) step takes the rough movements and polishes them into more detailed sketches these are drawn and redrawn again and again as needed, at this step the Key animator will work closely with the animation director to get the exact key points in the movement correctly.  Genga are easy to identify in that they are usually numbered in the middle of the page with a circle around them.  And pencil colors are usually numerous in Gengas, especially with the new computer animated shows.



A genga from Pokemon (episode 148) of the original series featuring Jessie and Wobbuffet (i.e. Musashi and Sonans in Japan). This portion of the Pokemon series was animated in the traditional way.



A genga of Agamatsu Soubi from Loveless (episode 1). Loveless was digitally animated, but all of the sketch work was done on paper.