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Pan / Oversized Cel (大判 セル画)

Pan or oversized cels are larger-than-normal cels which are used for a panning effect. "Pan" is short for "panoramic" and refers to how the camera has to pan/travel across the frame to reveal more of the image.  Pan cels can be horizontally, vertically, and sometimes even diagonally long. The camera can also do a zoom-in or zoom-out of an oversized cel. The sizes of a pan cel vary greatly, but are all larger than a normal cel.

Pan Cel - Horizontal

Horizontal pan cels refer to cels where the camera moves right to left or left to right. These cels are wider than they are tall.


Horizontal Pan Cel from Ayashi No Ceres

Pan Cel - Vertical

With Vertical Pan Cels, the camera takes a picture using the same cel (or multiple pan cels) while moving  up or down after each shot. When each of these shots is combined, it creates a panning motion in one direction.

A pan cel of Misato from End of Evangelion. In this shot, several pan cels are used to create a breathing effect during the pan. The right-hand side shows the section of each shot that is in frame.

Pan Cel - Diagonal

Metal Armor Dragonar - Diagonal Pan cel.jpg

Diagonal pan cel from Metal Armor Dragonar ( image taken from Yahoo Japan Auctions)