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Storyboard (絵コンテ)

Like live action TV, animation production involves storyboards. In both cases, storyboards are used to show the flow of a scene, character positions, movement, camera angles, tone, etc. A storyboard may include notes about or lines from a scene. Additionally, a storyboard sheet may include only one image or several, often hand drawn within printed boxes with space left below for any notes.

Collector's Note: Storyboard sheets are often copied during production. It is important to determine whether a storyboard is the hand drawn original or a production copy. The price difference between the two is usually quite large.

See some examples of storyboards below.



An early storyboard from Disney's Gummi Bears. (Original)



A storyboard from the film Titan A.E. (Original)



A storyboard from the film Balto. (Original)