# Sellers of Ill Repute: Guidelines

  1. Each seller should be listed on their own page and the title of the page should be formatted as: [Marketplace] - [Username]. For example: eBay - Johnsmith482. If a seller appears in more than one marketplace (or under multiple usernames) only include their primary marketplace/username in the title and note any others on the page itself.
  2. In order to add a seller to the list, you must provide evidence as to why they should be on it. For example:
    1. Screenshots showing a piece of art sold on Yahoo Japan and was then relisted on ebay a few weeks later for ten times the price.
    2. Screenshots of a negative interaction (email/personal messages/etc) with the seller. (You must include screenshots of the entire interaction, no cherry-picking messages to make a seller look bad.)
    3. Photographs of a poorly packaged piece of art.
    4. Photographs showing that the art you received differs greatly from how it was listed.
  3. ALL personal information (real names, phone numbers, addresses, etc) must be redacted from any evidence uploaded to a seller page. The only exception to this is if a seller's name is their username.
  4. Do not provide your own commentary. Present any evidence on the seller page and let other people make their own judgements. You may provide brief descriptions of images if you feel it is necessary, but try your best to keep them impartial.
  5. Search the list before adding a new seller page. If a particular seller page already exists, add your own evidence to that page, below any text or images that is already there.
  6. Keep discussions civil.
  7. Abusing this list by providing false or misleading information will result in your account being permanently banned.
  8. The moderators of this wiki may remove any information posted here without notice.

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