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This is a list of resources that may be helpful to collectors who are looking for marketplaces to buy, sell, trade, and post want lists.


  • Anime Cel Collectors - Sales Group: A private facebook group focused on collectors posting sales and wantlists.
  • Anime-Cel: A small online cel seller with reasonable pricing.
  • Anime Ed: Ed Noonchester is one of the oldest and most established cel dealers pre-existing the dotcom.
  • Anime Link: Rick Alonso operates this reborn site from the previous AnimeWink.
  • Anime World Star: Based in Japan this seller has a physical store but has moved to offering more cels to on-line.
  • Apply Symphony: Japan-only, runs a shop in Nakano Broadway.
  • Asylum Anime: Owned and operated by a diehard anime fan named Curt based in Kansas. Visit the store too.
  • Cel-Ga: UK-based anime cel dealer.
  • Gremlin Fine Art: USA based animation seller offering non-anime art in addition to anime art.
  • Gundam-Club: A Japan-based cel seller. The website is very very dated (Flash and download warning), and not much stock is left, but still selling. Contact the owner if you are ordering from outside Japan so you don't have to use a proxy.
  • Heritage Auctions: A large auction house with a weekly auction for comic/animation art and larger auctions dedicated to animation art a few times a year.
  • Howard Lowery: Southern CA based animation art dealer.
  • Mandarake: Based in Japan this company offers a large selection of anime goods and cels. Note confusing site.
  • Saco Anime: Japan-only, runs a shop in Fujisawa City. Active on twitter.
  • Sean's Anime & Other Things: Tacoma WA Based anime seller.
  • Skinner Auctions: USA based auction house. Cels pop up every blue moon, anime cels specifically under the Asian Works of Art category.
  • Takamura Store: Japan based anime cel dealer.
  • Toon-City: USA based animation art seller.
  • Toys King: Japan based hobby shop, cels pop up every now and then and sells on YHJ. Website is a little difficult to navigate.
  • Untitled Art Gallery: USA based animation and original art seller.