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Microchamber Paper / Boards / Boxes

Microchamber paper with honeycomb watermark

MicroChamber Paper is a thin sheet of paper infused with SPZ zeolite molecules which have the ability to absorb and neutralize acids and pollutants such as those released by the collection itself. They are an essential part of animation art preservation. 

Collectors should slip a piece of microchamber paper in front or behind their cels to absorb any off gassed fumes. If placing microchamber behind a cel please consider placing a sheet of clear plastic between the cel paint and microchamber paper to prevent the paint from sticking to the microchamber paper.

Note: When purchasing microchamber paper it will not always have the honeycomb watermark. Due to manufacturer issues they no longer produce microchamber paper with the watermark. 

Other storage products using Microchamber/Zeolite technology include art backing boards and storage boxes. Please be aware there are also buffered / acid- free backing boards and boxes available on the market (not the same as microchamber technology but they are still a step up from non-buffered goods). If using buffered backing boards it is not a bad idea to slip a piece of microchamber paper in between the art and the backing board as fail-safe. Boards using Microchamber technology have the term "ArtCare" in their name.



Example of Lodima archival art boxes made with Microchamber technology. 2nd Photo: Sketches stored with archival backing boards and Mylar Bags.

Examples of Where to Buy:

6-1/2 x 8-1/2" Microchamber Paper at

8-1/2 x 14" Microchamber Paper at

10 x 12" Microchamber Paper at

"MIP-IT" Microchamber Paper (multiple sizes) at

11 x 14" Thin Bainbridge® Alphamount ArtCare Backing Boards at (reviews say it is on the thin side but it does use Michrochamber tech)

32 x 40" 4 ply Single Sheet ArtCare Boards at

32 x 40" 4 ply Single Sheets ArtCare Boards at

ArtCare Boards at (only available as a case of large boards, if you have a cutter and need a large amount of boards you can cut them down yourself)

Conservation Grade Backing Boards (11 x 14") at  (buffered NOT MC grade)

Conservation Grade Backing Boards (multiple sizes) at  (buffered NOT MC grade)

Archival Art Boxes:

Conservation Resources - Microchamber Paper (Link goes to archived version of the page which has since been removed)

CG Comics Forum - Backing Board PH Test Experiment