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Hello and welcome to the Animation Art Wiki! This is a small project that a few production animation art collectors started in an effort to preserve as much of the "communal" knowledge related to this hobby as possible. It is still very much a work in progress. There's a lot of good stuff here, especially for new collectors. However, you may run across some incomplete pages/information. If you do, it probably means that we've just been too busy to flesh that area out. If you'd like to contribute to the wiki, please make a request here.

A few other things you should know:

  • Anyone interested in animation art is welcome here. We're trying to make this a repository of information that's useful for new and experienced collectors (whether they're interested in anime, western animation, or both).
  • No hostile or threatening language will be permitted in comments or on the wiki pages themselves. Anyone found to be violating this rule will be given a single warning. Additional violations will result in the offending account being deleted.
  • We're all working hard to make this wiki as organized, succinct, and correct as possible. We are also all human and will make mistakes. Please feel free to comment on a page if there is a broken link, informational inaccuracy, to say 'thank you', etc. However, please do not use the comments section to point out spelling and grammar mistakes. The best thing to do when you find something like that is become an editor and make any corrections yourself.

One final note. This wiki started as an extension of a small Slack chat that a few of us spend time in. If you would like to join us and geek out about animation art, you can sign up here: You can also find other collector communities on this page.