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Storage and Display

This is a list of resources that may be helpful to collectors who are looking for the best ways to store or display their animation art. Please also visit our "Preservation and Conservation" page for even more detailed info:

  • Bags Unlimited: A larger website that has all sizes of Mylar for Sketch Storage, Many sizes of MC Paper, as well as multiple sizes of Polypropylene Bags.  They will generally have sales although the shipping can sometimes hurt.
  • Conservation Resources International: Online seller offering library and museum quality conservation resources.
  • Lodima: A small website run by a couple of photographers. The 'Archival Materials' section of the site will be of interest to collectors. They sell storage boxes, matboard, interleaving paper, and other supplies that are all made of archival grade, microchamber material.
  • Search for Treasury Comic Bags on Amazon:  I (Jadeduo) Buy this brand of bags for all my standard sized cels you can buy them in bulk or with matching sized backing boards...  +free shipping ^_^
  • Animation Cel Storage and Preservation:  An academic paper discussing animation history, medium and preservation techniques by Karen Hong Saracino dated 2006.07.18.