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Itoya Binders vs Itoya Folios

Itoya Multi-Ring Binders

Itoya-Binder_11x14.jpgItoya Multi-Ring Binder 11x14 in Itoya-Binder---inside.jpgInside detail Itoya-Binder---refill-pages.jpgSet of 10 Refill Pages


Quick Stats:

  • Each new binder comes with 10 removable pages.
  • Binders tend to be "sturdier" than folios and can stand (like a book) on their own without falling over.
  • Because the pages are removable, you can add, remove, and reorganize pages without removing the art inside each page.
  • Binders tend to be more expensive than folios.
  • Product information page:

Itoya Folios

Itoya-Art-profolio-11x17.jpgItoya Art Profolio 11x17 in Itoya-Art-profolio-11x14.jpgItoya Art Profolio 11x14 in ItoyaProfolio_11x14-inside.jpgInside View

Quick Stats:

  • Each new folio comes with twenty-four non-removable pages.
  • Most folios will have difficulty standing on their own (especially with the weight of cels added to them).
  • Because the pages are permanently bound to the folio, you cannot add, remove or reorganize pages. The attached pages also bend more at the binding, which can cause problems for cel paint.
  • Folios tend to be less expensive than binders.
  • Product information page: (NOTE: There are other types of folios available.)

Things to Consider

Whether you choose to store your cels/sketches/backgrounds in a binder or a folio the common sizes purchased by collectors are 11x14 or 11x17 inches. Both sizes are larger than a standard size cel. However, if you are storing backgrounds as well then you'll need something that is at least 11x14.

Another consideration when choosing between binders and folios is how you will store them and how much pressure will be placed on the art (cels in particular) as a result. Cel paint can crack and flake if too much weight/pressure is placed on them. One of the advantages of the binders is that they can stand on their own which, as long as you don't squeeze them into a tight space, will keep pressure off the cels inside. Some collectors even store their binders by running a blanket hanger through the binder rings and hanging them in a closet.

When it comes to storing cels, Itoya binders are a superior product when compared to their folios. However, folios are still better than nothing and may be a good starting point for newer collectors or for collectors who focus more on sketches, backgrounds, and other works on paper that are less vulnerable.